Founder and Medical Director

Your Body In Balance


Dr. Shelley Coleman Glover is a Board Certified Obstetrician

Gynecologist. A native of Washington, D.C., she is an alumnus of

Columbia University (B.A., Biology-Psychology) the University

of California, San Francisco Medical School (M.D.) and the

University California at Berkley (M.P.H., Maternal and Child

Health). Dr. Glover specializes in Hormone Imbalance, Alternative

Therapies and Beautification. She believes in “practicing what she

preaches”. She is an avid exerciser. She loves CrossFit and

swimming. She eats a balanced, organic diet (most of the time),

takes high quality nutraceutical supplements and strives for a

healthy balance between work and home.


Dr. Glover is a firm believer in maintaining a twice daily good skin regiment. She stays well hydrated and of course takes full advantage of the wonderful aesthetic services which Your Body in Balance offers. Her goal is to maintain a sound, healthy body and only look as old as she has to!


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