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JUNE 12-14 2020!

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Why YOU Want To Come To This Conference

Have you been to other conferences and left with so much information and yet, couldn’t figure out how to apply it in your clinic? With 15 years of experience training Healthcare Practitioners in Regenerative Protocols, We are different! 

Whether you are in the business of treating chronic infections and cancer or not, every one of us is now faced with patients, family, and friends who are battling the epidemic of immune failure.

This conference aims to put practitioners just like YOU in the driver’s seat with basic protocols that have helped hundreds of patients regain immune function to combat cancer and chronic infections. Specific protocols include the use of bio-identical hormones for the adrenal/thyroid axis to boost immunity will be covered. You can expect to leave with specific actionable protocols that you can apply the next day. THIS IS WHAT SETS US APART FROM ALL OTHER CONFERENCES.


  1. Immune Failure: Underlying Causes and a Regenerative Framework to Address Them by optimizing hormones, nutrients, detoxification, mind, and body. Protocols and Cases.

  2. What YOU can do for Chronic Infections such as Lyme, EBV, Cancer, and HPV using a regenerative framework. Protocols and Cases.

  3. What YOU can do to regenerate the immune system to keep your patient in permanent remission from cancer and chronic disease. Protocols and Cases.

  4. What YOU can do for the patient in conventional cancer treatment. Protocols and Cases.

  5. The Pivotal Role of Infection in Cancer: Identification and Treatment

  6. Become fluent in utilizing advanced nutritional and bioenergetic methods to boost immune system activity (such as silver hydrosol therapy, hyperthermia, ozone therapy, EWOT, photobiomodulation, salicinium, and mistletoe)

  7. Know how to accurately track progress plus measure your own risks for immune failure.


Collectively for over 5 decades, both Dr. Pati and Dr. Apsley have innovated regenerative clinical and home-based methods to optimize patient immune systems confronting the more advanced immune challenges like Lyme disease, chronic fungal disease, chronic viral diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Since 2010, their approach has been to optimize the immune system first with basic strategies that optimize 5 areas (hormones, nutrition, detoxification, mind and body) and then with more advanced methods to accelerate immune system recovery.




You Can Expect A Regenerative Experience:

  • Location in a pristine, natural environment

  • Natural stimulation of 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, feel)

  • Organic, real, regenerative nourishment beyond organic

  • Experience of products that are needed (such as oxygen therapy, Heart-Math, water systems, EMF, grounding)

  • Specific protocols and products that they can apply the next day

Come join our expected 200 attendees including Naturopaths, Medical Doctors, and Medical Students from around North America along with our over 20-30 specialized exhibitors and sponsors in regenerative medicine! Earn your CME's and CE's!


South Seas Island Resort

Captiva Island, Florida


June 12th - June 14th 2020

South Seas Island Resort & Nature Preserve



Grounding Experience 

Yoga Every Morning


Our History & Philosophy

The International Congress of Regenerative Medicine™ was born out of the necessity for healthcare options beyond pharmacy and surgery. Our founders, Dr. Sangeeta Pati and Dr. John Apsley have trained thousands of doctors seeking to learn best practice methods in Regenerative Medicine using a straightforward system of protocols.




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