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For over 35 years, Dr. Apsley has researched, practiced and taught

integrative regenerative medicine based on the "Four Pillars" of the

Long-Living. His Four Pillars (Daily Detoxification, Maximal

Oxygenation, Regenerative Nourishment and Mind/Body

Bioenergetics) documents and establishes the means by which the

Long-Living perfect their Regenerative Effect within. His first book,

The Regeneration Effect (1995), captured this understanding and

became a best-seller (40,000 copies sold in just 4 months).

Coincidentally, the Five Point Model System of regenerative medicine

founded by the renown Sangeeta Pati, MD, FACOG, encompasses

perfectly these Four Pillars. The Five Point Model System of regenerative medicine is the foundation to MD Prescriptives entire line of products. This fact makes it quite exciting for Dr. Apsley to be serving as CEO to

MD Prescriptives.

Formally trained in executive business management (2000) by a 12-month executive training boot camp provided through Consulting Services of America (CSA) - a merchant banking consulting firm commissioned to gentrify (successfully) downtown riverside Detroit, Dr. Apsley then served as president of Natural Immunogenics Corporation (NIC - 2002-2003) under founder Stephen Quinto, CEO, the inventor of the world’s first stable, commercially available, non-toxic, picoscalar bioactive medical grade silver. 

Dr. Apsley subsequently served as Executive Director of Immunogenic Research Foundation (IMREF - 2005-2008), a research institute dedicated to the study and education of metals in medicine, especially silver and copper. While serving as Executive Director, Dr. Apsley lectured widely, with major presentations focused on infectious co-factors in neoplastic disease and autism, in Guangzhou Province, Panyu, China (2006), Paris, France (2007) and Los Angeles, CA (2007). Since 2011, he has headed up Regenerative Lifestyles, LLC, a nutraceutical and educational enterprise that specializes in teaching both the professions and general public in turn-key systems to live a Regenerative Lifestyle and optimize wellness.

As a national figure, Dr. Apsley has been frequently interviewed over dozens of syndicated N. American and EU radio shows popular to millions of listeners, including Coast-To-Coast AM Radio, The Power Hour, The Robert Scott Bell Show, Richard Syrett’s The Conspiracy Show, Irish Side of the Road and Forum Borealis. His special topics include (1) how the Long-Living peoples live long virtually free from disease, (2) how to optimize immune function during cancer management, and... (3) the nuts and bolts of “integrative regenerative medicine,” a phrase he coined many years ago.

Throughout North America, Dr. Apsley currently offers physician-to-physician consultations and patient education services in integrative regenerative medicine.


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