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The International Congress of Regenerative Medicine™  was born out of the necessity for healthcare options beyond pharmacy and surgery. Our founders, Dr. Sangeeta Pati and Dr. John Apsley have trained thousands of doctors seeking to learn best practice methods in Regenerative Medicine using a straightforward system of protocols.

Collectively for over 5 decades, both Dr. Pati and Dr. Apsley have innovated regenerative clinical and home-based methods to optimize patient immune systems confronting the more advanced immune challenges like Lyme disease, chronic fungal disease, chronic viral diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Dr. Pati and Dr.Apsley realized that by optimizing functions in 5 specific areas simultaneously: 1) mind (subconscious and conscious), 2) body oxygenation, 3) hormones, 4) nutrition, and 5) detoxification, all diseases become surrounded and outnumbered by this unsurpassable, innate self-repair mechanism. We call our methodology to restore and facilitate this unsurpassable innate self-repair the 5 Point Model System.

Over the years we have amassed an extensive wide range of evidence-based research and clinical cases that helped us define causal approaches to regenerative medicine. We envision these findings to be transformative to traditional Western medicine and naturopathic medicine at its best. We aim to share specific protocols that have been proven in thousands of people. But the symposium does not just stop there.

We believe that in order to transform lives through our Regenerative Protocols that Work™ we must first regenerative ourselves! So, get ready to experience the deeper aspects of regenerative medicine experientially as well! Everything has been set up for attendees to enjoy a most pleasant regenerating experience as they earn their continuing licensure credits.



The difference between a healthy 25-year-old with an intact optimal self-repair system and a person at any age not operating with an optimal innate self-repair system explains the etiology to most all chronic degenerative disease and aging. Furthermore, it explains the delta between our sick and aging civilization with that of the Long-Living who live essentially disease-free. It has been comprehensively documented that "Long-Living" people of the Blue-Zones keep intact, and at optimal function, their innate self-healing mechanisms well into their 8th and 9th decades of life! They simply live a regenerative lifestyle within a pristine environment featuring perfectly orchestrated agricultural techniques. That’s the difference, and really the only difference between the Long-Living and civilized, degenerated people who come in droves to our clinical practice daily. These Long-Living are inextricably connected to nature’s bio-energetics:

  • ​Sun, Earth electromagnetics.

  • Structured Water with minerals high in zeta-potential

  • Oxygen- Maximum Oxygenation (MaxO2) of all cells and tissues

  • Regenerative Nourishment that “orchestrates” optimal ATP generation); and

  • Joy – the highest vibrational state of mind/body wellbeing.

Dr. Pati and Dr.Apsley view this regenerative lifestyle of the Long-Living as a treasure-trove to causal factors underlying regenerative medicine.


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